Wollongong Botanic Gardens is the stuff childhood happy memories are made of! Set aside a full day to allow plenty of time for exploring and just enjoying this special place, because there certainly is lots on offer! Do we sound excited? That’s because we are, and you will be too – so read on to find out why!

The Gardens allow you to let the kids lead – and they will quickly take you through the meandering paths on a journey of discovery, with something new to see at every turn. It’s just too easy to imagine you are Alice in your very own garden of Wonderland in this dreamy place! With spiky and interesting succulents, a Japanese garden complete with traditional bridge, a beautifully fragrant rose garden and so much more to be found, the gardens provide a sensory feast for all ages.

But wait, there’s something else special about this place….

Along your journey you’re sure to stumble upon the amazing playground! This garden-inspired, fully fenced area is reason enough to visit. With a giant watering can fort, huge sandpit, shaded spiderweb climbing gym, swings and even a viewing platform, you can sit back and let the kids happily play whilst you take in the views. But the playground is a-maze-ing for another reason, too – channel your inner Alice and you’ll soon feel like you’re chasing a white rabbit through the kid-friendly MAZE! Oh, the adventures! See why we’re excited?!

With all this exploring everyone is bound to get hungry and the gardens have that covered too, with plenty of grassy space for a picnic and several barbeques dotted around the playground. This space is full of exactly that – space – so the family can relax, unwind and simply enjoy being together in the lush surroundings. And if you need yet another reason to visit, how about the outdoor reading room? We had a lovely time scouring the books available to read on site whilst we watched people play.

It’s hard to believe such magic and adventure can be found in the heart of such a big city, but this is no dream – it’s a true suburban Wonderland!

Where: Murphys Avenue, Keiraville. Follow signs to the University of Wollongong off the F6, as the Gardens are close by.

Opening times: Generally 7am to 5pm every day, check times on public holidays.

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