As we all know, toddlers can be extremely difficult to reason with, and getting them to do everyday things is sometimes just downright painful (please tell me it’s not just my kids??)!

So for those days when nothing seems to be working, there’s tantrums aplenty and you’re about to go crazy, give this little trick a try: a simple “To Do” list. Setting out the steps that need to occur for the rest of the day seems to give little ones a sense of purpose and ownership. Writing the list together and allowing said toddler to cross items off the list as they are achieved gives them a sense of ownership and achievement too. But the best part is, a list allows you to actually set out for them the order in which things need to occur.

Often the biggest hurdle with my 3.5 year old is getting him dressed for the day. As you can see from the list above, “Get Dressed” is step 1. Therefore we cannot go to the park (step 2) unless step 1 is completed. This simple process seems to really work with his toddler brain, and on this day in particular, I even found him telling me that we had forgotten a certain step! (Can you guess which one? Of course, it was the item on the list for mummy. Oh well, it can be carried forward to the next list, and then the next one, and the next one…)

So next time your day seems to be spiralling out of control, grab any piece of scrap paper, grab your kids and get writing!

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