Scribble is a great past time and can keep the kids busy for hours. Coloured pens or pencils seem to have a mesmerising effect on children (and adults if the latest craze of Zen Tangle colouring books is anything to go by!). Bring a random scribble to life and help develop fine motor skills with this super cute idea!

This is also a great parents and kids activity to do together.

You will need:

  • paper
  • coloured pencils or pens

How to:

Step 1: Draw a random scribble.

Step 2: Identify the closed “gaps” in their scribble, and use different colours to fill them in.

Step 3: Colour as many or as few as you like and before you know it, hello Picasso!

So simple

As well as developing fine motor skills, this activity can help your little ones see their original creations in a new way, developing creative thought process and problem solving.

Photo by South Coast Kids. Artwork by Robey, aged 3 (with a little help from mum)