Old Helensburgh Station
Where: Helensburgh

An abandoned series of rail lines exists between Sutherland and Wollongong, however only a few are accessible, and fewer again are family friendly. Steeped in history and folklore, the Old Helensburgh Train Station along these lines will ignite everyone’s imagination because it is sandwiched between two tunnels – and there is just something so eerie and exciting about an abandoned tunnel!

One of the tunnels – the Metropolitan Tunnel – also has something quite magical that the kids will truly delight in – glow worms! It is believed the tunnel actually has the largest population of glow worms in New South Wales! The tunnel is very long (over 600 metres), and is closed off at one end so you cannot venture too far in (probably a good thing with littles one involved!). However the Helensburgh Tunnel is much shorter at less than 100 metres and you can walk right through it. The track leading to the tunnels is very pretty, with lush vegetation overgrowing the train lines and tunnel entrances. An information sign has been erected outlining the interesting, albeit short, history of the area. South Coast Kids recommend everyone wear boots when completing this walk as it can get quite muddy, particularly after heavy rains.

Getting there: The simplest way to get to the old station is to arrive at the current Helensburgh train station, then head south west about 300 metres onto Vera Street where the tunnels are located. The physical address is listed as 2 Vera Street.

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