Creating paper flowers is such a delightful activity to do. You can be as colourful as you want to be, you can make as many as you want and the outcome is simply fabulous whatever you choose!  Why not surprise your mum or teacher with these flowers. So easy to make and they will love them!

You will need:
Coloured paper (any colour, plus green)

Step 1: Choose a coloured piece of paper for the flower. Fold one long edge over. (Picture 1)

Step 2: Cut the paper into even strips, leaving the folded edge uncut. (Picture 2)

Step 3: Roll each strip, one at a time, all the way up to the folded edge. (Picture 3)

Step 4: Take a piece of green paper for the stem. Cut it into 2 long wide strips. Roll the strips diagonally until you have a long tube. Glue both ends down to hold it in place. (Picture 4)

Step 5: Apply glue to the back of the folded part of the rolled flower (the back is where the rolls do not touch).

Step 6: Roll the flower onto the stem where the glue is, wrapping it around and downwards from the top of the stem to the bottom. Use more glue as you need to. (Picture 5)

Step 7: Make your leaves! Using more green paper, cut small pieces of different sizes. Fold backwards and forwards (accordian fold).
(Picture 6)

Step 8: Unfold and cut sharp edges. (Picture 7). Roll and glue onto your stem. (Picture 8).

You are done! Repeat this process to make a whole bunch of flowers using any colours you like!

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