Garden weaving is a craft idea that is also an adventure! You will be amazed at the stunning artwork your little one will create and how proud they are of their creations.
The adventure starts with a beautiful walk together and you can go anywhere to find what you need, from your own backyard to the beach or a beautiful bushwalk, You can make it in to a scavenger hunt or just let your little ones find what they want with their own creative guidance.

You will need:

  • 4 sticks of roughly the same size
  • wool or string
  • a collection of garden leaves and flowers
  • scissors

How to:

Step 1: Go on an adventure to collect any interesting flowers, leaves, pinecones, bark and so on from your yard or local park (after a windy day is perfect).

Step 2: Find 4 sticks of similar size – these will form your “frame”.

Step 3: Tie the sticks together with wool or string to form a square or rectangle shape.

Step 3: Use wool to weave across the stick frame from top to bottom, as shown in photo 1.

Step 4: Weave the collected garden materials into the wool, gradually building your masterpiece.

Step 5: Proudly display the stunning creation as a table centrepiece, or anywhere you like!

Photos by South Coast Kids. Artwork by Robey, aged 3 (here he is to the left, hard at work)

A seasonal display

This activity is something you can do as often as you like however one idea is to do this as a seasonal activity. This is a great way of helping your little ones see how nature changes through the different seasons, what kinds of natural object can be found at the different times of year and their different colours. A great way to learn through hands on, creative play.