Vegetable garden markers, oh so cute! Having a small veggie patch is an absolute delight and being able to get the little ones involved is even better. This activity is a sure way they will help you out in the garden. A great activity while it’s raining too, in preparation for getting back out there. See what different faces your little ones can create. Don’t worry if they don’t look exactly like the vegetable, you can always write on them if you need to!  You can do this in the vegetable garden, around flowers or trees you’ve planted, you may find the kids get so carried away they are making them for their clothes drawers!

You will need:

  • large, rounded river rocks (look for these while you’re out on a bush walk or at the beach)
  • non toxic paint
  • paint brush
  • imagination

How to:

Just like in our noughts and crosses post you may need a few coats of paint so make sure you allocate some time with the kids to paint the rocks and then time for them to dry before you take them out into the garden.

Start by painting the rocks in a solid colour all over. Red for strawberries, orange for carrots (I know it’s obvious, just saying!). Once you’ve got a nice covering and they are dry, the fun begins by drawing in the detail and creating faces.
Check out Adventure in a Box for some terrific inspiration!

What veggies are you planting?

We’d love to know what veggies you are planting in your vegetable garden right now and would really love to see your creations. Don’t forget to send us in your photos, or leave a comment below!

(with thanks to Adventure in a Box for the idea and the image!)