Erith Coal Mine & Glow Worm Glen
Where: Bundanoon

If you’re looking for a day trip the kids will never forget, head to Morton National Park at Bundanoon!  Gambells Rest is located within the park and has a large picnic area with multiple lookouts and a fantastic walking track that leads you to the Erith Coal Mine.

This track takes around half an hour and is all downhill. The vegetation is different to what you would normally see on a South Coast walk, which is what makes it so interesting for kids and adults. You will pass large rocks (one in particular is fun to climb) and the track itself is well maintained with lots of informative signs. Once you reach the top of the Erith Coal Mine you will cross a creek (there is a chain to hold onto if need be) and then the real fun begins! Metal stairs lead you to the mine entrances, which look more like caves on the side of the cliff. Bring a torch so the kids can explore at this point – the mines themselves are securely closed off so it is quite safe. From this vantage point you can also see the waterfall and pool below. If you continue along the track you can descend to the base of the waterfall – kids may need a little help with this section, but trust us, it is definitely worthwhile! The waterfall and pool are just magical and it is quite easy to just stop and stare! Everyone will want to spend time here surrounded by the peace and tranquility.

Once you are ready to head back up to the picnic area, you can retrace your steps back up or you can instead take the alternative route to your right. This route is far less pretty but is a wider track with no steps (it is still uphill though!). Note this route will also bring you out onto the road at the picnic area, so keep kids close.

Since you have traveled to Bundanoon, why not take the kids to see it’s most famous attraction – Glow Worm Glen? Located just a short drive from Gambell’s Rest, a brief downhill walk takes you to what we assume is a beautiful place – we actually don’t know because this walk is done in the dark! Start the walk at dusk or just as dark sets in and use torches to lead the way. Once you reach the stairs you will descend into a magical starry world. As you get to the viewing platform, turn off the torches and keep quiet and as your eyes adjust, and the beautiful glow worms will put on quite a show! You can hear the running of what we think are waterfalls nearby, and as the night gets darker, more glow worms appear. What a unique and unforgettable adventure for the kids! Once your dream like state is over, retrace your steps back to your car and you’re ready to head home. Bliss.

Getting there: Gambell’s Rest is within Morton National Park, on Church Street, Bundanoon. Entry fees of $8 per day apply to enter the park. The shortest walk to Glow Worm Glen is located off William Street in Bundanoon. (Yes there is a longer walk, but that’s another story!).

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