Bomaderry Creek Track
Where: Nowra

This walk is absolutely beautiful, its so hard to believe it’s in a city! The walk begins rather conveniently at a picnic area (which has toilets and sheltered tables). From there you will see signs directing you to the various tracks available. You can view the old weir, check out the lookout or walk some or all of the main track itself. South Coast Kids love the whole track, which takes around 2 and a half hours. Due to the length of the walk and the fact the track does have technical sections, it is recommended for ages 4 and up.

The start of the walk takes you above Bomaderry Creek, across rock platforms (not fenced but far enough away from the cliff to be safe). A lovely stone stairway takes you down to a fork in the path – go left or right (we went left). This is where the adventure really begins!

It is hard to express just how beautiful this walk is. There are sign posts which keep you on the path and you will discover beautiful (and huge!) rocks, caves, stunning vegetation and even a “room” of fully enclosed rocks. It is spectacular. There are seats along the way so you can stop for a rest if need be, as it can be tiring rock hopping and navigating your way along the track – especially for little legs! Around the half way point you will cross the creek on metal paths, and the track changes once again. There are many caves to explore and eventually you reach the bridge which tells you you are near the end! You will see the stone staircase and retrace your steps from here back to the picnic area.

This walk is great at any time of year, and in warmer weather you can even swim! It truly has everything!

Getting there: This walk is accessed from Narang Road in Bomaberry (north of Nowra). There are signs to the track and a carpark near the picnic area.

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