The Faces of South Coast Kids!

how did South Coast Kids come to be, and what's it all about?

Sally Latham (Mother of Robey, 4yrs & Baxter 2yrs), Diana Price (Mother of Alex, 5yrs), Delyse Wright (Mother of Lewis, 8yrs)

Welcome to South Coast Kids, we’re so glad you found your way here

Sometimes things are just meant to be.
When 3 local women had a similar dream at a similar time, this was one of those moments.

Friends for years, Sally Latham and Delyse Wright started discussing their mutual interest in starting a kid-focused resource for locals one morning. The more they talked, the more things fell into place and they decided to start a business.

Then by chance, they stumbled upon Diana Price, who had been trying to launch her own local kids hub of the same name. They decided to meet and South Coast Kids was born!

With a background in web design and running a small business, Delyse became the natural driver of the technology side of South Coast Kids. Diana’s extensive experience in accounting and business operations, plus speciality kids toys, made her the perfect person to tackle the operational and management arm. And being a financial planner and writer, Sally’s focus is on the content shared on the site and in the magazine.

All three women have children, ranging from ages 2 to 8, and they are the inspiration behind South Coast Kids.
Many of the ideas and activities we share have been tried and tested on our own little guinea pigs, and the kids will continue to inspire and inform our business as they grow.