Calm down. Sometimes these words are hard to hear when the kids are driving you nuts, overwhelm and exhaustion are not too far away and feeling calm seems completely out of reach. No matter how hard we try there are always days where we will feel that it’s just all too hard. it’s at times likes these that our ‘handy tools’ are either filed so far back in the far corners of our mind that we can’t reach them, or we just don’t have the energy to go searching for help.

Following are 5 super simple, easy and quick ways you can begin to feel calmer. Even just taking yourself one step closer to a happier place, will allow you a little more mental capacity to reach for those ‘bigger’ tools that will help you feel a whole lot better once again.

So here are some starting points:

  1. Tell your kids that you just need 2 minutes. Let them set a timer, or your set one for them and tell them they can’t interrupt you until that timer has gone off. This helps teach them boundaries and respecting your personal space. Will it always work? Perhaps not but persist. When you have these 2 minutes, go into your room or a space that is just for you (hey, it may even be the bathroom!), and breath. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Yep, for 2 minutes, just breathe. You will be amazed at how good you feel afterwards.
  2. Lay down and consciously relax all the muscles in your body. Get your kids to join in too. It could lead to a fun game but it will definitely lead you back to your centre. (Could be quite an interesting one to do when out grocery shopping!)
  3. Do 25 star jumps, push ups, running on the spot, lunges… whatever activity you want to do. Get your heart pumping and shift your body. Emotions are stored in the body and your body knows exactly how to carry itself in order to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Snap it out of the behavioural pattern and get it moving in a different way. This IS simple and it IS incredible effective.
  4. Drink. WATER! Our minds can become fuzzy and our nerves more sensitive when we are not hydrated. I need to remember this constantly. If I’m finding myself getting short or irritable I’ll check in on how much water I’ve had. When I’m feeling this way, I can usually guarantee I’ve had more coffee than water and I need to re-hydrate. Your brain, your nerves and your muscles need it.
  5. Have a belly laugh. I know it’s probably the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling stressed but believe me, it works wonders. A belly laugh massages your insides, it helps oxygen flow through your body and it sends all those happy chemicals to your brain – Yes, even when you’re faking it. Once you start pretend laughing however, you’ll find your well on your way to a proper laugh and the kids will look at you like you’ve finally lost the plot. Good, get them to join in and be crazy together.